Q&S Construction

Remodeling & Additions To Give Your Home New Life

When you change your home, you change your life. If your space no longer fits your lifestyle and needs, Q&S Construction can make all the difference.

Whether you want to spruce up your kitchen, renovate your bathroom, or create an addition for your home, our full-service design to build experience gives you the most personalized experience in Central Florida, all in a timely manner.


We have been renovating kitchens for over 10 years, and our clients return to us for further projects because of our exceptionally high standards and quick turnaround. We offer clear communication during the design and construction process and help lead you to a kitchen that becomes the heart of your home.

Whether your kitchen has “good bones” and just needs a few updated fixtures, appliances, lighting, and adjustments for energy efficiency, or you’re ready to completely rethink the kitchen to create better work-zones, open up adjoining spaces, or create additional square footage, our creative, experienced team excels at finding new solutions that will fit within the parameters of your existing space.

We stick with you to create a great kitchen and stick to the timeline. And yes, we make sure it stays within your budget, because we’ll work with you to forecast a realistic projection of expenses, which eliminates surprises and minimizes change orders during production.


A bathroom remodel can be an excellent investment. We use high-quality products and our skilled experts install them to ensure they are done correctly and that every detail is perfect. Your bathroom can end up looking bigger and cleaner, which gives you the feeling of being in a luxurious sanctuary with beautiful amenities and top-quality features.

There are many decisions to make when renovating your bathroom, and it can become overwhelming. This is where Q&S Construction excels. We will sit with you and find out what your preferences and needs are, and help guide you to creation of a bathroom that increases your home value: from deciding on tubs through the flooring, right through lighting and ventilation, our bathroom remodels are the epitome of style meeting functionality.


You can open up more space in your home without having to buy a new house or move by having Q&S Construction create an addition. Whether it’s a new bedroom or a playroom, a finished basement or even a Florida room, we can help you avoid a stressful and expensive move and increase your quality of life and value of your home.

No challenge is too great. We give you space without maze-like pathways to connect new and original spaces or blocky protrusions that look like an obvious after-thought. We will work with you to understand your vision and help create that new area that preserves and enhances the functional integrity of your home. And while we’re building it, we make sure the disruption of your life is as minimal as possible, and the project is completed within the set timeline, or earlier.

We want you to be happy with everything we do from design to cleanup,
and our experts work hard to ensure that happens.