Q&S Construction

We’ll Make Your Barn or Farm Spectacular

Marion County is the Horse Capital of the World, and barns and farms built in Central Florida need to be constructed for the best functionality and style. That’s where Q&S Constructions excels.

We pride ourselves on creating custom barn homes that are unique in style and customized to suit your lifestyle and needs. We have dedicated ourselves to providing quality on budget within a reasonable timeframe. We work with you on your horse barn, barn with living quarters, or a full farm with riding arena, from the design phase to the final cleanup when you’re ready to bring in the horses (or any other livestock.)


When you’re having your barn built, you’re going to want to consider three important elements:

1. Stalls and Placement

When you plan the barn, you need to consider the stall size. Not only does it determine how many stalls you can have in your barn, but it also needs to be sturdy enough to be comfortable and safe for your horses. It’s always safer to go larger than smaller when you’re determining the dimensions.

If you’re keeping your horse in its stable for more than 12 hours at a time, it’s a good idea to increase the stall size. Specialized stalls should also be increased in size by at least half of the recommended measurement for the type of horse you’re building for.

As for placement, your team will be happier having stalls across from each other. This allows your horses to socialize while inside the barn and feel the security of the herd. Don’t forget to leave your barn aisle wide enough for your farm equipment as well!

Q&S Construction is happy to help you plan out your barn to ensure the stalls are placed best and are the correct size.

2. Additional Storage Rooms

You’ll need space for horse tack, horse feed, and barn tools. While the horses take up plenty of space, your things takes up even more. Make sure you have plenty of storage rooms and room for shavings and bedding, drying racks, wash stalls, and more. You’ll need tack space, tool storage, and feed locations.

3. Top Horse Barn Accessories

When Q&S Construction helps you create your ideal horse barn, it will help you choose the best accessories to reduce farm chores and improve your barn’s productivity. This includes excellent lighting, convenient automatic waterers, easy-to-access feed systems, hay delivery systems, and horse stall doors.

Once Your Barn or Farm is Planned, Q&S Construction Brings it to Life

Q&S will work with you to create a reasonable and accurate budget and timeline for the construction of your new barn and farm. The quality will be unmatched, and you will be able to enjoy it for many years to come.