Q&S Construction

The Q&S Experience

With over ten years of experience, Q&S provides quality work without the long, drawn-out process.


Q&S Construction is a full-service general contractor that specializes in custom construction for both residential and commercial needs, home renovations and additions, and farm and barn construction. We have over ten years of experience providing quality work without a long, drawn-out process. We pride ourselves in our excellent building experiences.

Our Process Is Why We Can Give Top Quality Work More Quickly

When you’re having your custom home built, an addition constructed, home renovated, or a barn or farm created, you can count on Q&S Construction to handle the process in a timely manner and deliver a quality final product.

We Start with Detailed Planning and Preparation

Quality construction begins with detailed planning. Whether you’re seeking a new custom-built home or renovating your bathroom or kitchen, we can help.

  • We’ll help with architecture & interior design selection.
  • We’ll provide you a conceptual estimate.
  • We provide planning support.
  • We schedule your project carefully, so everything is done in a timely manner.
  • We handle permitting for the construction site.
  • We prepare the construction site for safety and functionality. If your project is a renovation, we do it in a way that provides minimal intrusion with your lifestyle.
Our Construction is Handled With Care

Our foremen speak English fluently, and many also speak Spanish, so communication is never a problem. We handle all aspects of construction from the design phase to the cleanup.

  • We ensure your projecthas onsite supervision and trade coordination.
  • You will have full access to the project schedule.
  • We handle inspections and quality control.
  • We’ll ensure the budget is managed accurately.
  • Safety is of utmost importance to us, for you, your family, and all workers involved.
Post-Construction is Never Overlooked

After we complete the project, we’ll have a walk-through with you to go over any final construction details. We’ll ensure all your requirements have been met and go over any house functions you will need to know.